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Ruamāhanga River erosion protection, Wairarapa

Greater Wellington

Erosion protection works will take place along an 850 metre stretch of the Ruamāhanga River, starting from where the Waipoua River meets the Ruamāhanga and stretching downriver.   

This project will help prevent Masterton’s now closed Nursery Road landfill from eroding into the river. 

To do this, six rock groynes (structures built out from the riverbank into the river) will be built next to the closed landfill site.

This project will take place from October 2020 to August 2022.

Greater Wellington is working alongside Masterton City Council to deliver this work.

Funding Wellington Region’s Climate Resilience Programme (CRP)

Investment to support this, and other, CRP work in Wellington Region includes:

  • Kānoa - RDU: $10.8 million
  • Greater Wellington: $6 million
  • Masterton District Council: $300,000 (supporting the Ruamāhanga River project)
  • Hutt City Council $80,000 (supporting the Manor Park improvement project).