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Rangitāiki Floodway and Spillway

Bay of Plenty Regional Council

The Rangitāiki Floodway upgrade is a multi-stage project designed to take pressure off the flood-prone Rangitāiki River by diverting some of its flow. This project will widen the channel, raise the stopbanks and create a second outlet into the Rangitāiki River.

Once completed this work will increase the capacity of the floodway which will reduce flood levels in the Rangitāiki River from upstream of Edgecumbe to the river mouth. This will in turn reduce pressure on Rangitāiki River stopbanks during large flood events.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council received funding from Central Government’s Crown Infrastructure Funding for Stage 6 of the Rangitāiki Floodway and the Spillway.

Stage 6 started in October 2020 and will be substantially completed in the next few months.

The spillway construction will begin later this year.

The funding covers 75% of:

  • Stage 6 of the Floodway - $10.9 million
  • The Spillway - $2.8 million