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Lower Manwatū Scheme Climate Resilience

Horizon’s has been investing on behalf of ratepayers in increased flood protection standards for the lower Manawatū area since 2006, as a result of the impacts of the devastating 2004 floods. This has included raising/rebuilding stopbanks, replacing the Kopane Bridge and constructing the Burkes Pump Station.

Following the injection of additional funding from Kānoa-REDIU, the Lower Manawatū scheme (LMS) resilience project was established. This project includes further strengthening of the stopbank network and building resilience at key locations. This project is anticipated to take three years and will create local employment opportunities.

The LMS resilience project encompasses several sub projects along the Lower Manawatū Scheme. Work is currently underway for flood mitigation and general maintenance along the Hartley Street sea wall in Foxton. This includes restoration of the existing rock armouring with new natural rock. Similar work is planned for Te Matai Road, Palmerston North. Work is also in the planning stage for upgrading the Moutoa Floodway Outlet (Piri Harakeke). This will be jointly undertaken with the Foxton East flood mitigation project.