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Rangitīkei River Climate Resilience Project

We are currently developing a new management strategy for the Rangitīkei River that recognises the dynamic nature of the river.

The intention is to moves towards a more resilient river system that has ‘more room’ while accommodating goals of greater river character, greater river biodiversity, and enhanced public access and recreational opportunity.

This project focuses on only the Lower Rangitīkei River from Bulls to the sea and includes:

  • Addressing the risk of river avulsion against the Parewanui Stopbank through channel widening activities such as removing non-native vegetation mechanically, and aerial spraying and gravel management which creates multiple river channel options
  • Slowly transitioning pastoral land into a continuous native plant corridor alongside the river
  • Flood resilience work - for example the Scotts Ferry Rock Lining Repair
  • Wetland options along the Parewanui No.1. Drain
  • The creation of pathways for recreational use along some parts of the stopbank

The project is intended to have positive environmental and social outcomes for the Rangitīkei River and its users.